I volontari di Fondazione MyFamily al rifugio "Cascina Rosa" di Valmadonna (AL)
MyFamily Foundation

Our Mission

MyFamily Foundation was created with the aim of supporting activities dedicated to those who, by nature,are not influenced by economic and individual interests: children and pets. Their attitude is free from all kinds of social constructs andmoral regulations, with a pure and disinterested perception of reality.


Throughout these years, on behalf of our private company MyFamily Srl, we several times have activated projects in support of the community. In particular, we have dedicated ourselves to the youngest and to pets, through the organization of events, donations to children’s hospitals, charitable activities and volunteering for dog shelters.
In addition, during the first period of pandemic, we actively contributed to the fight against Covid-19 by converting our production of pets accessories in that of masks that we subsequently donated in our territory.

The primary purpose of the association is to help children and pets in disadvantaged conditions or in need of assistance to improve the quality of their lives, helping them to develop their presence within society.

MyFamily Foundation plans to implement projects to help children and pets from a sanitary, socio-sanitary and cultural point of view, which will enable them to live their lives more peacefully.