Fondazione MyFamily’s pet therapy

Fondazione MyFamily’s pet therapy


The most significant project planned for 2024 combines love for pets and love for children. Together with the Bimba Pet Therapy Center, Fondazione MyFamily has organized a series of Pet Therapy sessions, which will take place at the Piccolo Cottolengo of Don Orione, Tortona (AL).

This program includes “Animal-Assisted Activities” (AAA), which are recreational and socialization interventions aimed at encouraging active participation and the treatment of neuro and psychomotor disorders, as well as relational issues, targeting individuals with psychiatric, sensory, or multiple disabilities of any origin. These interventions are intended for children, adolescents, and adults in situations of distress or with psychological and physical disabilities.

The planned activities aim to promote human-animal interactions, as it is scientifically proven that the mere presence of a four-legged friend leads to a greater inclination to smile and an increase in willingness to engage in dialogue: an effective remedy for combating loneliness and depression. Dogs, moreover, are the most commonly used animals in assisted therapy.

Therefore, the project aims to achieve the following objectives:
– to generate a general increase in good mood, greater responsiveness, and sociability;
– to meet needs such as affection, security, and interpersonal relationships through contact with an animal, and to maintain, develop, or recover certain skills in children with specific problems;
to obtain positive effects on mood and apathy, as well as to alleviate typical behavioral disorders such as anxiety, agitation, and indifference;
to promote self-esteem, autonomy, and self-determination in people with disabilities, contributing to their personal development.
The desire is to bring serenity to as many children as possible.

The Pet Therapy initiative represents another significant step in the work of Fondazione MyFamily, once again confirming its commitment to supporting those facing difficulties, offering moments of serenity, and promoting well-being not only for human participants but also for the involved animals.

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