MyFamily Foundation is born with the aim of supporting activities dedicated to those who, by nature, are not influenced by economic and individual interests: children and pets. Their attitude is free from any social construct and moral prejudice,  with a perception of reality that is pure and selfless.

When facing a child or a four-legged friend, it is easy to immediately recognize their attitude towards life: they do not need anything in  return to express their unconditional love. However, they do require financial support, time, and energy for their psycho-physical development. 

Over the years, on behalf of our private company, MyFamily Srl, we have initiated projects multiple times to support the community. In particular, we have focused on the youngest and animals, organizing events, making donations to children’s hospitals, engaging in charitable activities, and volunteering in dog shelters. Additionally, we actively contributed to the fight against COVID-19 by converting our production of pet accessories into mask production during the initial period of the pandemic, which we later donated in our local area. 

Now, we feel the need to establish a non-profit organization dedicated to involving anyone willing to contribute to the cause of the MyFamily Foundation: citizens, businesses, or other associations with purposes similar to ours.

The primary goal of the association is to commit to helping all children and pets in disadvantaged conditions or in need of assistance to improve the quality of their lives, contributing to their presence within society.

MyFamily Foundation plans to implement projects aimed at assisting children and animals from a health, socio-health, and cultural perspective, allowing them to lead a more peaceful existence.

To contribute to improving the well-being of individuals from an educational, cultural, and recreational standpoint, we plan to organize events such as workshops, meetings, conferences that can also involve and interact with both subjects (an example being a pet therapy session).

Every initiative will be achievable through the organization of fundraising efforts via donations, subscriptions, bequests, or any other method..
As mentioned earlier, we have been supporting charitable initiatives for years on behalf of our company, MyFamily srl. The initial supported activities include the production of children’s games, produced within our company, which we will continue to offer in the future through the MyFamily Foundation.

Our mission is to support all ideas that can bring joyful moments to children and animals!

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