Fondazione MyFamily supports knowledge for schools in valenza

Fondazione MyFamily supports knowledge for schools in valenza

Fondazione MyFamily, a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of children and pets, has recently made a significant donation to the middle schools of the Paolo and Rita Borsellino Comprehensive Institute in Valenza, the city where it was founded.

In this initiative aimed at promoting scientific education, Fondazione MyFamily provided various laboratory equipment and educational systems, allowing students to explore science in all its facets: from biology to chemistry, and even geology. These practical kits will contribute to making the school environment even more engaging and stimulating, supporting the Institute’s mission to provide immersive and quality education.

Manuela Sormani, the representative of the association, described the exciting day of delivery: “Il Dr. Carandini welcomed us and guided us to the science laboratory, a well-equipped classroom with tables and instruments, some of which were historical, used for students’ experiments. We met a group of them along with the biology teacher, and we truly breathed an atmosphere of progress and knowledge within the school”.

This donation represents another commitment by Fondazione MyFamily to support education and culture in the local community. “We are proud to collaborate with this institution to inspire young people to discover their potential and embrace science,” adds Sormani.

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