Continued commitment to animal welfare

Continued commitment to animal welfare

The non-profit organization in Valenza donates over 5000 kg of dog food to local shelters.

Fondazione MyFamily never stops. The non-profit project of the eponymous company in Valenza, specializing in pet accessories, continues its charitable activities in the area with donations dedicated to the well-being of our four-legged friends.
In this new phase of philanthropic actions, the main protagonists once again were the local dog shelters.
In addition to Casa di Quartiere, La Casa di Licia, Canile Sanitario, Gattile Sanitario and Cascina Rosa, which had already benefited from the support of Fondazione MyFamily previously, Canile di Tortona, directly managed by the non-profit organization “Animal’s Angels Novi”, and Cascine Rossi in Casale Monferrato have now joined.

During the three days of deliveries, volunteers from the Valenza association worked with enthusiasm, distributing over 5000 kg of dog food . In the coming months, other similar donations will follow to ensure a continuous supply to the aforementioned facilities.

Founded last July, Fondazione MyFamily aims to improve the psychophysical and social conditions of children and animals in our area and has already promoted projects in schools, hospitals, and other local shelters.

To follow Fondazione MyFamily’s initiatives, propose ideas, and actively participate with a donation, you can visit the website

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