Una volontaria di Fondazione MyFamily consegna la targa simbolica a seguito della donazione a uno degli 8 rifugi coinvolti.

A new donation for the local dog shelters

Over 4000 kg of kibble destined for dogs in the area, thanks to Fondazione MyFamily

The charitable projects on behalf of Fondazione MyFamily, a non-profit organization based in Valenza and founded by Alessandro Borgese ­­­­­­­—former CEO of the homonymous leading company in pet accessories— continue

Once again, the association’s volunteers have committed to allocating over 4000 kg of kibble to dog shelters in the Alessandria area and its surroundings. This initiative has been ongoing since November 2022 to ensure a constant supply of food, thereby meeting the daily nutritional needs of many disadvantaged four-legged friends.

Le realtà coinvolte in questa attività di beneficenza sono Casa di Quartiere, la Casa di Licia, the Sanitary Kennel, the Sanitary Cattery, Cascina Rosa, Cascine Rossi, the kennel in Tortona e, a partire da questa donazione, the kennel in Mede.

Furthermore, each participating shelter has been provided with a plaque ­—made and delivered by the Fondazione MyFamily itself— to celebrate the dedication of the volunteers and the shared mission of significantly improving the living conditions of dogs and cats.

Established in July 2022, the Fondazione MyFamily is an organization dedicated to improving the psycho-physical conditions of children and animals in the area. The foundation has already promoted projects in schools and hospitals, demonstrating its tangible commitment to creating a positive and lasting impact in the community.

For further information about Fondazione MyFamily and to actively participate in these initiatives, please visit the website www.fondazionemyfamily.com

Una volontaria di Fondazione MyFamily consegna le crocchette ai rifugi cinofili della provincia di Alessandria