I volontari di Fondazione MyFamily al rifugio "Cascina Rosa" di Valmadonna (AL)

Who we are

There is one thing that all families have in common: unconditional and mutual love. In ours, pets and children occupy a special place ad they teach us love in its purest and most disinterested form.

For this reason, we want to dedicate our energies to a specific project oriented to their well-being and which also provides moments of interaction between the two subjects aimed at knowledge and respect for one another.

Solidarity Rainbow

During the summer of 2020, we once again realized how important it is for people to work together to pursue a common goal…


In collaboration with Lele Gastini, a famous illustrator from Alessandria (Italy), last winter we created our own version of the well-known “memory” game….

MyFamily For Australia

At the beginning of 2020, the flames consumed millions of hectares of Australian forests with greed. Life quickly burned before the eyes of…